About Us

Perfect Emerald Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Company specializing in maintenance services and trading company established to serve the Power Generation, Petrochemical, Oil Refineries, Offshore Platforms and General Industries.

As part of the company’s commitments to give the best Oil & Gas Engineering services and General trading to the customer, Perfct Emerald Sdn.  Bhd. is willing to engage the services of specialists and associates with other professionals when the scope of works are beyond the normal professional experience of the company. By this practice, PESB gains more expertise to provide better services to the customer and simultaneously the technology and knowledge are transferred.

As part of the company’s commitments to the nation, the missions of Perfect Emerald Sdn. Bhd. are to train and expose our staffs and customers to the new technologies and creative ideas.

Succesfull Project Execution
Safe Man-hours Worked
Skilled Employees