Cold Cutting & Bevelling

Oil & Gas Service Provider



Where potential for fire or explosion exists, dangerous torch cutting can be avoided with our pneumatic cold cutting services. Safe field cuts are performed quickly and accurately on 2” – 48” and larger diameter pipe or tubing. Cuts are made perpendicular and square with a tolerance permitting easy alignment of pieces to be butt welded to the cut end. We use equipment that is small, lightweight and portable, with minimal clearance requirements for use in pipe racks, underground excavations, or similarly confined spaces. Our self-aligning cold cutting equipment can be mounted in any position around the pipe or tube being cut and the pipe or tube can be oriented in any plane.


Cold cutting machines is fast and simple,requiring only a few minutes to complete. With an adequate compressed air supply (90 PSIG and 80 CFM) cuts can be made as quickly as one diameter inch per minute through pipe constructed of free machining material.